The Company

Euro-Roofing BV has developed into a leading company in the development, production and sales of drainage and ventilation of flat roofs since 1992. We offer a wide assortment of rainwater drains, balcony drains, cable ducts and vents. Usually supplied in aluminium, lead, stainless steel or copper, with an unlimited supply of franges or membranes.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our social policy very much focuses on social enterprising, whereby we always want to ensure our products are the perfect combination of being top quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable. With the main emphasis being on the user friendliness of our products. They must be simple and quick to install by the experts.

This philosophy allows us to quickly and easily react to market demands and ensures we can offer a suitable and rational solution for every customer. We are always ready to assist you with finding the best possible solution for your drainage and/or ventilation problem.

Direct communication

You will always enjoy direct contact with one of our experts, as a small company with big ambitions. We are very fast at dealing with any of your questions and providing you with the best possible prices.

Internationally orientated

We have an international network of flexible and quality focussed dealers, who can offer worldwide solutions for all roof specialists. Please do contact us to find out details of a sales point near you.

We see it as a priority to expand our international network and strengthen it with structured and reliable partners in the future. Our aim is to have at least one permanent dealer who exclusively sells our products in every country. Please contact us if you are seriously interested in working with us.

We are currently working on expansions in Canada, the United States and Scandinavia.